Rates for Member Services

Rates for Member Services

Power Cart Rental Rates

Daily Rental Rates:
$18.00 per seat (member rate)
Annual Rental Rates:
Single Seat Cart Rental $800.00
Couple Cart Rental $1400.00
Early Bird Single Seat Cart Rental $750.00

Personal Power Cart Storage

Storage and Trail Usage (gas)
$500.00 annually
Storage and Trail Usage (electric)
$550.00 annually
Trail Usage Only
$250.00 annually
Daily Trail Usage

Power Caddie Cart Storage

Storage for Season

Pull Cart Storage

3 Wheel / 4 Wheel Collapsible

Club Storage and Cleaning

Club Storage and Cleaning
$110.00 (with annual pull cart)

Locker Rentals

Mens Lockers:
Large $35.00
Small $25.00
Ladies Lockers:
Large $25.00
Small $20.00
Junior Lockers:
Large $20.00

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