Cranbrook Golf Club Lesson Information

Please stop by the Pro Shop or Contact Us to pick up a lesson brochure.  Programs are available for golfers at all levels.
Golf Lessons at the Cranbrook Golf Club
  • One lesson                                                                        $60
  • Package of 3                                                                    $150
  • Package of 5                                                                    $230
    o     individual only
    o     30 to 45 min lessons
Semi-Private instruction
  • One lesson                                                                        $45
  • Package of 3                                                                    $110
  • Package of 5                                                                    $170
    o     Two or three players only
    o     60 minute lessons
    o     Price per player
  • One lesson                                                                       $35
  • Package of 3                                                                    $90
    o    Four players
    o    60 minute lessons
    o    Price per player
  • One lesson                                                                       $30
  • Package of 3                                                                    $70
    o    Five players
    o    60 minute lessons
    o    Price per player
  • One lesson                                                                       $25
  • Package of 3                                                                    $60
    o    Six players
    o    60 minute lessons
    o    Price per player
  •  With semi-private and group instruction, players must form their own group
 Private playing lesson
  • One player                                                                        $125
  • Two players                                                                       $75
  • Group / Corporate ( 4 )                                                      $40
    o    Comprehensive on course instruction
    o    Course management skills and strategy
    o    1.5 – 2 hours instruction time
    o    Price per player
Golf Club Analysis / Fitting
  • Price per fitting                                                                 $50
    o Included with the purchase of a set of clubs from the golf shop
    o Loft and lie analysis
    o Golf club selection process
    o Recommended Matrix of set
    o Minor swing analysis
    o Shaft selection and recommendation
    o Shaft length recommendation
    o Grip size and type recommendation
Paul Whittingham
           Head Golf Professional
           CPGA Class A member
           20 Years Teaching Experience
David Woytowich
          Assistant Golf Professional
          CPGA Member
          4 Years teaching experience
          CGC Junior Coordinator